Boost your spring with Apricot Activewear


We always want what we don`t have. Maybe we want to be skinny, taller or we just desire more curves. Would it make us happier? No,  it won’t. We are bullied and then we start hating our bodies. Everywhere we look around there are pictures of perfect silhouettes and “body goals” labels. You print one picture and hang it in your room to motivate you. It doesn`t; it makes you hating your body even more. You sign up for a gym membership. And then you go to the gym for few days in a row. You are enthusiastic! A later bit after, you just give up. You think bullies are right and you would never be good enough.You still have to go to the gym as you paid for your monthly pass. Every single day, you hate it. Please, do yourself a favour and stop.  

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3 Myths about over the knee boots

3 myths about over the knee boots

When you see tonnes of articles on how to wear over the knee boots, how to style the animal print trend or how to add oversized sweaters into your outfit, keep in mind there is no right or wrong. Don`t overthink and most important don`t take fashion too seriously. The colours you choose, the textures you mix, all tells a story and the story is all about you. Just make sure you are dressing according to your personality not how society or fast fashion wants you to.

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How to wear AW 2016 trends from catwalks in real life


I remember been little and watching enthusiastically various fashion shows, on TV of course. Sitting on the sofa, with my eyes peeled, I used to give notes for every show and then comparing to my mum`s to see if she feels the same. I was so intrigued by how creative designers are. Today I have teamed up with Apricot and I tried to be as ingenious as I could styling winter trends in real life.

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A resolution for 2017: Not making a list of resolutions


Here come the “New year, New me” confessions. Just kidding. I am not gonna brag about hitting the gym twice a day, making my dreams happen, not eating a single piece of cake, staying motivated or waking up at 7 am every day. Although I wish (except the part that involves cake). Setting goals definitely, helps us to stay on track. But there is so much pressure. “It`s a new year, I need to change something”, ” What have I accomplish in 2016? Nothing ! “The year passed away so fast and yet I am not a successful, have I failed ?”

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Florals | A teatox review featuring TEATU brand


It took me more than one year to get my blog off the ground because I was too scared of throwing myself into the digital world. A lot of different questions crossed my mind. Why would anyone read my blog? Are my ideas interesting? Would I be able to create consistently good content? How will I know blogging is/ is not for me? I needed to detox my mind.

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Style challenge | Thrifted Outfit

Charity shop outfit -  recycle, reuse, reinvent fashion, protect environment

Plastic and illegal nets found in the ocean were recycled in June due to Adidas smart idea. They teamed up with Parley for the Oceans and created 50 pairs of shoes using these recycled yarn fibres. The goal was to remind people why we need to keep our oceans clean and to provide inspiration for all generations. In this continuous and busy rush called life, we forget to take care of the environment.

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Tenerife Island |Travel journal

f7 Travel. You will have time to worry, do some shopping, make plans and lists and again other plans. Cherish the present and live the moment. Yesterday`s date was a palindrome – spelt backwards the number 6102016 is unchanged, and today, well today is the special day too not because it`s Friday. Yes, it sounds cliché but we need a spur to realise that every moment is unique.

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