About me

I am Catalina. I started Stylish Confidence because I wanted to inspire people: to find the courage to love themselves, to travel, to take risks, to dream and to achieve their goals. I strongly believe we can create a better world but first, we have to start with us. I know that sounds like a common cliche, but it is true.

Untitled-1 This blog is an online journal that encompasses fashion, travel and motivation ideas. I consider myself an environmentalist enthusiast so I am emboldening my readers to recycle/up-cycle, use DIY technique and go thrifting. I try to post every week; if not, that means I am outdoors, hiking or taking pictures of landscapes.
I am originally from Romania, but in the summer of 2015, I moved to the beautiful Lake District National Park, Cumbria – UK. From hiking boots to heels, my personal style is changing continuously, based on my  exploring experience.

get in touch I am happy to feature products on my blog . Therefore, I do accept items for a potential review. I am quite selective  when it comes to accepting free products (because if I didn`t like it, I can`t blog about it) and the readers will get my honest and genuine opinion.

For business inquiries or for a simple chat, feel free to contact me via e-mail at info.stylishc@gmail.com.