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For all of you that need someone to tell you  “you`re gorgeous”, here I am! Short and clear messages are easy to remember: get up, dress up and act. Dress your soul with love, faith, joy, dreams before choosing any clothes. And believe me; confidence is sexier than any brand.

I am pretty sure you read lots of motivational quotes or books (voluntary or not) and you either presume them true or reject it. Take at least one chance to see you amazing and ask yourself  “What would you attempt if you know you could not fail? ” After that, you won`t need to educate yourself.

Now that you have your confidence back, let`s pick an outfit for spring. Kimonos, romantic lace, jumpsuits, polka dots, hippy deluxe, sultry sheer are in this season. But I am going to stop here. Wear whatever you like, bring it out and think outside of the box. You dress to express …

This month I went thrifting and I found a gorgeous army green midi-skirt. My mind traveled in 1940 craving to see that edge style alive. There are endless ways to style it. We are talking about a versatile piece that brings elegance and grace. And yes, I know you all heard that`s all about the shape and length you have to create but until you don`t adventure and try it, you don`t know it. Push your personal boundaries and be creative. Mixing and matching will do the magic.

Top: Primark, Skirt: Thrifted via SH, Shoes: Benvenuti, Bag: H&M , Hat Thrifted via SH



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