Thrifting | 14 reasons why I like thrift shops

In my modern congested world, times really flies and sometimes I wish a day had 80 hours in order to do all the crazy stuff my minds dreams off.  But there is hope… With the lapse of time, I have learned that if you are organized and self-motivated, you`ll achieve everything you want. But first, you have to convince your mind. You may or may not believe all that motivational phase, but it does not cost you a thing to imagine and feed your curiosity…Speaking of curiosity, do you know what day is today?

 -Yes, it`s Monday – not my favorite day but it`s 17 august- Thrift Shop Day.  I go thrifting a lot, like a lot. Most of the time, I purchase clothing pieces but you have to be open-minded because you never know what you may find… And here is why I enjoy thrifting shops so much.

  1. Fun

Either you`re going with a friend or alone, it`s fun to find different styles, textures, colors and try items that you usually won`t buy. Step out your comfort zone and be creative.

  1. Reality

By choosing these shops I am awake. I value the real price of  clothing items. Yes, it`s true that a good quality piece cost more but I don`t see the point of spending hundreds or thousands $ on a brand new piece when you can find similar pieces or famous brands in thrift shops too.

  1. Affordable

It`s impossible to enter in one of these shops and not buying a single piece. Thrift shops items are so cheap and who cares if you purchase a funny pink hat that costs you 1 $ and you will only wear it only once? It`s not like you`ve paid 50 $.

  1. Support

Many thrift shops support their community which is such a great idea in my opinion! For example, if you shop in UK at British Heart Foundation shops, your money is donated for heart disease research. Every time when I travel in a new country, after visiting, admiring and discover the local taste, I like having what I call a “clothing memory piece” as a souvenir. So I search on the internet where I can find the cool thrift shops.

  1. Uncommon

Finding unique pieces it`s a pro argument. Due to the variety of things donated, you never know what little treasure you can discover and own.

  1. Originality

These shops are giving us a good lesson: be yourself, be original, don`t follow the trends. By choosing them, you choose to be different. And that`s an excellent feeling.

  1. Past

Quality, history, the source of inspiration, investment – in one word I can only say (enthusiastic): vintage ♥. You can travel back in time by discovering vintage elements or clothing pieces which can be worn with pride and satisfaction.

  1. Present

Thrifts shops are not just about finding old stuff; there are brand new items too.  You just have to be patient and look for them.

  1. Recycle

By shopping second hand you will influence your friends, your family and why not every simple buyer that you have a strong belief (even if you didn’t realize it yet) for clever and creative reuse: recycle. And also, after you bought a piece and you don`t like it anymore you can donate it…and the circle never ends.

  1. Meet new people

 Did I mention that I like the shopping because it`s pleasant? Yes, I did. Even if you are alone, you can meet people with the same interests and bond with them.

  1. Style

The thrill of the hunt – beyond imagination, in those shops you`ll find unique, vintage, affordable clothes for any style. Maybe they seem “old” to you, but only you can make them look stylish by  using them to express your personality.

  1. Time

This type of shopping teaches you to have patience, take your time and look after creative stuff. You can also gain time because it`s spare you for waiting in line in the crowded malls or stores.

  1. Dependency

Once a thrift shopper, you`ll always be a thrift shopper. I consider it a good reliance that does not affect my budget. I save a lot of money that I can use  for travel or for other purposes.

  1. Research

Thrift shops are full of art, culture, and history. If you buy something you like it but you don`t know much about, you have the chance to be curious and do some research. You found a nice tank-top with Aztec print…be interested!!

Here is one of my favorite thrift piece – Levis denim vest, found in a shop in Romania. Dress: Kiabi – French boutique| Vest: denim Levi`s Thrifted via SH| Shoes: Peg| Necklace: Camaïeu 

What’s your opinion about thrifting?



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  1. February 1, 2017 / 4:12 AM

    I also love thrift shops, often frequenting them when we lived in Florida. I have not been to one, since we moved to the
    West Coast, but maybe I should. Not even sure if there is one close by.


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