Back to school | Fringes and friends

School has begun and I literally have nothing to wear!! Yes, you know the feeling – but I don`t…because back then, I had a uniform. Hope you had a magic week, back from holiday, at school, college, university or wherever you are.

Wistfully, I remember my first day at school when I was so happy to see my colleagues. I miss the days when all I had to worry about was homework and not forgetting my backpack at  home. Simple days when everything was possible … Where are those days? Back then, with big goals, we were not trying to be perfect or needing approval, we were not complaining or comparing to others… we were ourselves.

And we bounded so easily and had so many dreams…With how many of your childhood friends or colleagues are you still connected? If not with many, just go back in time and remember the good times you had and call them…it may sound as a cliché but it`s never too late. Everybody has changed somehow but we were kids once. Refresh your memory, we used to laugh every day, nurture friendship, be creative and active and learn new things on a daily basis. We do need positive people in our lives and they are called friends…otherwise who is going to listen to our crazy stories and obsessions over and over again? Who will support us no matter what?  We need our friends…and fringes; at least I do need fringe clothing items or everything that has fringes or chocolate.

This ubiquitous trend it`s so easy to wear and it creates an effortlessly look with an earthy vibe.  I could wear fringes over and over again. They make me swing and swing.. and I`m going to stop here (laughs). The fringe jacket is my favorite piece that will never go out of style…and even it does, I would still wear it.

Back in time, fringes were used to adorn clothing pieces both for the woman (skirts, shawl) and for a man. They become a decorative fashion embellishment in 1920. In “Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages” by Sara &Tom Pendergast, it is mentioned that “some men would use the fringe of their shawls as a type of signature for contracts. Instead of using a seal to impress their mark on a clay contract, men would use their unique fringe” – yeah, men can be fancy too (with or without fringes).

Let`s take a break from reading this article and check my relaxed autumn outfit. This is not an outfit that I would wear back to school just because then, I was a huge fan of the blue uniform and white shirts (Ha-ha – I am lying; I was forced to wear them). Black leather boots, a classic Breton stripe t-shirt, faux leather trousers, a black bag, red lipstick and a fringe camel jacket; it`s so easy to create a comfy outfit with basic and trendy pieces. 

Jacket: Stradivarius| Top: Lacoste| Trousers: Primark| Boots: PEG| Necklace: Meli-Melo| Bag: Jessica

How do you style your favorite fringe piece?

PS: Don`t let people steal your smile!!






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