Online Shopping Like a Pro | 7 tips

Hope you`re having a fantastic week. Grab your coffee, tea, smoothie or shake and let`s talk about spare time and online shopping. I love to go for a walk; on the congested streets, from shop A to shop Z, walking outdoors on a trail. It clears my mind, relax me and keep me fit. When you are in the middle of nature, in the faraway land of Lake District National Park and you can`t go shopping very often- you have another reason for choosing online shops, especially for clothing pieces.Because you have to be stylish on the top of the mountains, right? But not that type of girl that choose heels or something fancy…that type who collides with nature; she is feminine, confident  and sporty and in love with all that makes her free.

Tricky online shops … it`s so convenient to sit back and relax while the internet will do the magic. Here are my tips and tricks that will help you to have a good experience:

  1. Choose wisely.If you are not a spontaneous person and you`re more like a ‘classic buyer’, pick up a brand you already know. In that case, you already know the fabrics, the size chart, the item`s quality and you won`t be disappointed (in most of the cases).
  2. Do your research.  Read carefully the comments, pay attention to details and check what customers enjoy it and what not. That will help you to decide if you still want the item after reading the negative comments. I always check the buyer`s pictures or search haul videos with the name of the online clothing shop. Also, if you have questions about the size/ fabrics, contact the customer support. It`s better than wondering and imagining how the product will look and how it will fit you.
  3. Don`t hurry up.This is my favorite trick. Every time when I want to buy something from online stores, I take my time and I add the pieces to my basket but I don`t proceed to check-out. If you are not purchasing the pieces on the same day, they will send you an email that looks like this << forget something in your basket, here is a discount coupon to enjoy your items>>. Not all of shops have this strategy, but most of them do.
  4. Don`t have huge expectations. You have purchased a gorgeous dress; at least you’re convinced because of the pictures you saw on the website. That costs you around $ 15 but when it arrives, the color is faded, the length is not good, the fabric is see-thru… we all know that story. And that leads us to tip number 2: so do your research and you won`t be disappointed.
  5. Subscribe to their newsletter to check discounts and daily deals. I know it`s annoying to receive tens of email per day tempting you to buy all they advertise, but you can find pretty good deals, free shipping promotions, etc.
  6. Write reviews– your opinion is important. It will help the potential buyers to decide and the shop to improve their service. Some online shops can offer you discounts or points for writing your review.
  7. Apply for free trials.Some of the online clothing shops have a free trial. You have to share the promotions/clothing pieces on social media and you`ll have the chance to win a free clothing item. This way, you will get a sample of what they offer. You will analyze the shipping time, the quality, the size, the packing, etc and that will convince you (or not) to choose their store.

Are you a classic buyer or do you prefer online shopping?



  1. Lori
    July 15, 2016 / 7:28 AM

    Usually I am a classic buyer.
    But I have to admit that you gave me nice tips that can change my habits. 🙂

    Take care!

    • Catalina
      July 27, 2016 / 5:24 PM

      Change is always good :D. Take care you too Loricel ! :*

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