Autumn`s layers | A Sheinside review

Golden leaves, old books, symphonies, fluffy sweaters and cushy socks, boots, Halloween, pumpkin spiced latte, rainy days, tea and more books again … you got to love autumn!!

Yes, I know I already said books but a girl has to be smart and well dressed for all seasons. Speaking about trends, layering is the key for every autumn. You can`t fail with too many layers.

Use your imagination: a black jacket, a vest over a dress; a crop top over a shirt and a fluffy cardigan on top. By mixing and matching, you`ll have the chance to be cozy and fashionable at the same time. So, you don`t have to worry about catching a cold because you wore a summer dress this time of the year.

Keep reading to find out my opinion about the knit vest from and check how to style this simple piece.

Quality and price

On a scale of 1 to 10, this item gets a 7. The material is soft, it keeps me warm but after wearing it few times, the fabric raveled. The knit vest was under £15.00.


I don`t have enough patience to return any product and wait like a kid to unbox the Christmas presents. So I had to make sure that the item I picked up will fit me. The vest can be ordered in small or medium sizes. I chose S and the product fits amazing.

Shipping time

After reading the buyer`s comments, I thought I will have to wait 3 weeks but I didn`t. That was pretty decent-8 business days.


A simple plastic bag – I wouldn`t ask for more (environmental reasons) and due to the fact that I am not interested in packing but the product itself.


No Made in China label (no offense, I love China`s culture), but the vest didn`t have any label so I assumed it is the size S and no washing instructions. But hey…it`s not so hard to figure it out.

Other thoughts

When I opened the package and check the item I was a little disappointed because the product was all closed  and there was no opening like in the picture advertised. After checking the item, armed with a pair of scissors, I cut the string that was gently sewn.

This vest is currently one of my favorite layer pieces. Here is how I style it.

Daisy dress: Primark| Knit Vest -Sheinside| Sneakers: Adidas| Watch- Casio

PS: Don`t forget that loving yourself is the new black.



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