Iceland | What you should pack for the snow land

It was good to be offline for a while, but now I am back with a holiday post! Time really flies…it`s already 1st December. I love to travel…let`s be real, who doesn`t love that freedom? A mix of emotions when you are on the road and you look forward curious, realizing that every moment is unique…That point when you wish that time stops so you can grab all your memories and make them last longer, the pulse of a new city or the silence of nature, exploring new places and finding joy…It`s so good to be alive. Back in time or to the future, there is no better way for finding yourself than traveling.

I feel so inspired by Dalai Lama`s thinking and I couldn`t agree more that <<Once a year you should go someplace you’ve never been before >>. So, those days I am heading to Iceland.

Today`s post it`s about packing… Keep reading to find out how to be fashionable in snow land. Fjalladrottning it is one of the names used to refer to Iceland and it means <<queen of the mountain>>. How beautiful is that? Here is what I packed for meeting the queen.

  1. Waterproof/ Winter Jacket 

You shouldn`t let the weather ruin your trip, so you better do your research first. It`s true that you can`t rely on forecast all the time and it’s well known that Icelandic weather is capricious. In the end, it will all work out okay or how the Icelandic people are saying “þetta reddast”. Don`t forget to match your gloves with your jacket: Just kiddin`…don`t forget to pack your gloves…like me. Thanks to blogging, now I am safe. My selection: snow jacket from Trespass and Sports Direct ski gloves.

  1. Hiking Boots

New boots, new adventures with Karrimor… The perfect choice for all the activities I`ll try: walking around, hiking, running to catch up on aurora borealis…hopefully (fingers crossed for me).

  1. Outdoor trousers

I am not a fan of trousers, but hey I can`t hike in a fancy skirt! So I needed outdoor trousers in my life. Believe me, so do you! Comfortable and waterproof, they are a perfect choice!

  1. Layers? Yes, pleaseeee !

One of the reasons I like autumn/winter is that I can play with textures, patterns, materials and create beautiful layers that will keep me warm. Did I say warm and fashionable at the same time? Hoodies, fleece sweaters, cardigans, gilets…feel free to mix whatever you want and like.

  1. Walking socks

Explorer, walking, IsoCool, Ultra comfort, double layer, woolen socks…I was confused and I hate why I have to choose the perfect type. When in doubt, buy them all J or ask for assistance.

  1. Neckwarmer/ Buff

I adore versatile pieces like neckwarmer or original buff. This piece can be worn in more than 10 ways which is awesome.

  1. Beanie hat / headband

If you already chose a buff you might not need a beanie hat or a fleece headband because the item can be worn as a hat too.

  1. Swimming suit

When fire meets ice… stunning sceneries are born. And Iceland is the perfect place for exploring geothermal features. Swimming suit is a must unless you want to swim naked!! Next stop: Blue Lagoon…I`ll keep you posted!

  1. Sunglasses/ Sunscreen

You need them because of the reflection coefficient is also known as <<albedo>>. The temperature might be below zero but the sun is watching.

  1. Chic outfit

This choice is optional. But if your inner screams for style, all you need is a casual item and lots of layers over…yes, you can be fashionable in the mountains, too.

PS: Don’t forget your camera, your lip balm, a good book and your headphones…and you`re good to go!! Take time to create great memories and live free !!



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  1. March 10, 2016 / 11:14 AM

    Nice list of recommendations. =) I’ll have to save this post for later.

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