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It`s nothing new that our current society forces us to buy new items continuously. The fashion industry takes a side in this matter. We see brand-new clothes in the show-window display, different garments and modern trends. Sometimes I think mannequins are secretly whispering to us: Your clothes are not good enough!  At least I have to find something to take the blame for when I am spending too much time and money in retail shops. For this spring/summer season, the ruffles and bell sleeves are trending.   What do we know about the ruffle history?
When you say ruffles, you imagine the loose material. But we can’t talk about ruffles without mentioning the ruffs know as ” the wheels around the neck”. The wide pleated collar was popular with the mobility across the Europe.

The first ruffs appeared in Spain, but it spread quickly to England, France, Italy. Their purpose was to hold the head in a lordly pose. Later on, the ruffle becomes a separate piece of clothing. Engageantes are the perfect example. In the 18th century, the sleeve of women`s dresses ended by the elbow. Underneath the sleeves, women would wear the engageantes or the false sleeves – ruffled white sleeves.

How to wear the fashionable trend?
The tops, blouses, skirts, dresses with ruffle insertions are fun and easy to style. A skirt with ruffles provides the freedom of movement. Believe me when I say you will just want to spin round and shake your ruffles. I paired my white ruffled blouse with a green sport pleated skirt (thrift via charity shop of course) but there so many ways I can wear it: with blue jeans, midi or bodycon skirts, short pants and even on top of a dress. When styling a ruffled blouse or a bell sleeve item, keep in mind they are the central pieces and you don`t want to exaggerate with too many details.

Do ruffles and bell sleeves worth the hype?
If we mention practicality versus fashion, they fail. Try not to stick your sleeve on your plate while you are eating is a hard and fun task, believe me. If you want to invest on a  ruffle or bell sleeve, choose a  3/4 sleeve type, not a full one. I do believe the ruffle trend would be in many seasons.  

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What are your thoughts regarding the current trend? stylish happy

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  1. April 16, 2017 / 12:01 PM

    Personally I would love it if people still wore ruffs but it is great how it evolved into a separate piece of clothing. This is a rather gorgeous outfit x

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