Being grateful for all my travels and adventures

I will go with the saying that January was a trial month, so the New Year 2018 starts tomorrow on the 1st February. Armed with goals and the desire to drink more water, I am still grateful for all the trips I had last year. For some reason, I haven`t blogged so much about a lot of great places I visited. And because the previous post was already too long to include 6 more months, I promised you the  second part.


July was a busy month and one of favourite maybe because it was my birthday? The weather was incredibly good so we were outside on our days off. If there is one walk worth mentioning that is Tarn Hows and a challenging hike Striding Edge.

We shoot some blog pictures for a beauty post called  Does the charcoal whitening powder worth the hype? And I also wrote the article Why do you need leather in your capsule wardrobe.

And then finally, Spain. 4 days in paradise. Almunecar Beach, seeing with one of my best friends I haven`t seen in 7 years, meeting his partner, tapas & warm nights. I can`t forget about Sangria, Alhambra fortress and Palace and a little walk to Cahorros Bajos. 


Another frenetic month – August. This time, we spend the whole month in the Lake District, no city breaks or other trips. It was busy at work, so me and my partner we couldn`t have too many days off together. But we still made few barbeques with colleagues and again we enjoyed the long sunny days. Langdale valley is one of my favourite picks when comes to stunning landscape so we were there again.

One of my besties came from London to spend the weekend in the Lakes so I was happy to have her here. I was off as well for 2 days and we had a lovely girly time. We went for a wander (for 8 hours only) around Derwent Water, Keswick and that was so fun.

Regarding blogging, I was quite lazy as I only wrote one post called  How to find your style step by step.

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER – Ingleton Falls, Wrynose & Hardknott Passes (LD)

September & October were quiet months so I decided to group them together. Autumn melancholy and the weather become crazy again. In our days off we were at the cinema mostly. We managed to do a trail outside the Lake District so we went to Yorkshire Dales National Park. Ingleton falls and White Scar Cave (the longest cave in the UK actually) were incredible. No pictures of the cave as both my phone and camera died but you have to believe me.

Wrynose & Hardknott passes were a challenge even with the car due to the narrow road but the landscape leaves you speechless. We shoot some blog pictures for the article Animal print – is wearing it against being vegetarian/ vegan?

All my blog posts were season inspired such as Transition your wardrobe into autumn without breaking the bank and 23 Autumn/ Winter layering ideas that will make you reuse your own clothes.

NOVEMBER – Marrakech (Morocco), Venice (Italy)

Another favourite month then went by so fast with so many lovely events and trips.  A team leading course and hikes in The Lake District kept us busy. Africa calling was one of the best experience I had in years, after Yellowstone National Park  I am preparing  articles related to the dessert trip and more about the Moroccan tea so stay tuned for that.  There is a post live on the blog with gorgeous photographs taken in Jardin Marjorelle, Marrakech.

Venice has not surprised me, I found it very expensive and overrated.   But being asked to marry my loved one left me speechless. I am not going into more details  because it`s a moment I want to keep for myself,  but I am now a #bridetobe♥  

DECEMBER – Liverpool,Moldova, Romania


December was a quiet month and all I could think about was holiday. We went to Liverpool for a one-day city break: Christmas market and Liverpool football were a good bonus. 

Then at the middle of the month we went back home to spend time with our families over the Christmas period. Although we only had snow for one day it was magical. Back to the Lake District, reunited with friends and work colleagues we celebrated New Year.

Where do you plan to travel this year and why?






  1. February 17, 2018 / 2:54 PM

    I also considered January to be a trial month. 🙂 You obviously had an awesome year and unforgettable travel adventures. Your pictures left me speechless. Is November the best month to explore Marrakech?

  2. February 16, 2018 / 10:58 PM

    I really enjoyed this post as I am also an avid travel lover. It seems like you had some incredible trips, and it’s great that you can be grateful for all of them. I believe we enjoy the trips more the more we appreciate them!

  3. February 15, 2018 / 8:31 PM

    We went to more than 3 states in the US last year. We just might do short trips this year. Hopefully, we can go to either UK or France.

  4. February 15, 2018 / 5:21 PM

    Your travel looks awesome. Spain is one of my favorite places. The people are so warm.

  5. February 15, 2018 / 4:29 AM

    You kinda hit the nail on the head there! Travelling is liberating and at the same time adds perspectives to lofe. Keep travelling and blogging!

  6. February 15, 2018 / 12:21 AM

    You are truly lucky! We have had a lot of family centered vacations, as our kids are little. But, one day my husband and I hope to do more together.

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