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Grateful. This is how the year 2018 began. For the first time, I stopped any thoughts. I decided there is no space for Last year, I could have done that or less of this. Thankfulness is an emotion I kinda forgot. Joy. The simple act of enjoying life. Less pressure. Not complicating things.  All the photographs taken in 2017 made me realised how lucky I am to have wandered every single month.  And this makes my soul smile. I wouldn`t have it any other way. I decided to revise this wonderful year, so here we go.

JANUARY – Glasgow & Kirkstone PASS (LD) 

January was a funny month, as it was cold and rainy. I remember being indoor all day, drinking tea, going to work, finishing tasks for the college course I did at the time. I started the beginning of the year with the blog post A resolution for 2017: Not making a list of resolutions.  The new year (with all the excitement) comes with setting goals but all I wanted was planning new trips.

We had a 2-day city break in Glasgow which we enjoyed so much.  If you are an artsy human being, don`t miss the  Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and  Gallery of Modern Art.  And also, take a hop on hop off bus for a better city sightseeing.

Back to the Lake District, we hiked and drove up to Kirstone Pass couple of times. The view on top worths every minute in the cold. We were even got stuck there as we couldn`t start the car. Luckily the pub there was open so we treat ourselves with some Cumbrian food, pickled eggs and puddings!  Then we took some amazing pictures to use for the blog posts How to wear Autumn/ Winter trends from catwalks in real life and Three myths about over the knee boots

FEBRUARY – Ireland (Dublin, Cliff of Moher)

Nothing fights back the January Blues than actually being February. So excited about this month because we are going on a holiday to Ireland. The month passed so quickly, couldn`t do much because of the lovely (not!!!) weather. Haven`t signed up for the gym but I was running so that kept me motivated. I did write only one blog post called  Boost your spring with Apricot Activewear.

Dublin was exactly how I imagined and even more. Irish coffee, good music, Guinness, scrumptious food and Guinness again.  I forgot my backpack in a little cafe and I had all my money in cash, cards, id and my precious DSLR camera. Stayed in a great Bed & Breakfast that offered us complimentary breakfast when they heard I lost my belongings. Luckily, I found my backpack next day. Thanks, Karma!

We stroll around the Dublin with a free walking guided tour- Sandemans. I can`t forget about the  National Museum of Ireland (Decorative Arts and History ) Trinity College, Dublin Castle and O’Connell Street. Honestly, there are so many things to do in Dublin. And then, here it goes Cliff of Moher with its wild Atlantic weather and wilderness. I can`t believe I haven`t written a blog post regarding this adventure. 

MARCH – Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais), Aira Force (LD)

The beginning of March caught us in Lisbon. I can`t describe how happy I was. Visiting Lisbon was a dream come true. I wrote a long article called 4 Days in Lisbon- Full Travel Guide so I won`t emphasize how astonishing the city is. But if you haven`t made any travel plans for 2018, please add Lisbon to your list. It will amaze you and you will want to return there as soon as possible. And since we were in Lisbon, we couldn`t miss  Sintra and Cascais. How can I say no to castles, more food, salty air and waves? 

To be honest, after returning from Lisbon I wanted to go on a holiday again.  In March I didn`t write any blog posts, in fact, the one regarding  Lisbon was up in June. I felt my work is not enough and I stopped for a while. And the weather didn`t help with my mood either. But hiking is always a good idea. Aira Force, it`s a place to escape the daily routine.  The majestic arboretum, an impressive waterfall and, the greenery create a perfect balance that recharges your mind.

APRIL – London & Langdale (LD)

Hello sunny days, welcome back life! Finally, I could be outdoors and the days were warmer. Perfect time to take pictures for the blog, write new fresh articles and go hiking. Stickle Tarn Trail, Langdale is a path beyond beautiful. 

I also remember looking for alternatives to DIY / paint the eggs as a tradition we have at home for Easter. This was fun, especially being here in the UK where Easter is celebrated with chocolate eggs.  You can see I was home sick when I came up with the idea for the post Clothes identity | Visit Romania. 

In April, we escape the Lakes and went to London for a 2-day city break. There we had the chance to meet with a good friend, so happiness overloaded ♥. She flew from Taiwan and came to meet us. Last time we saw each other was 3 years and a half. You can imagine how many stories we had to share. Then, I also had some time with one of my besties who lives in the capital. 

MAY – Coniston to Barrow Walk, Milan, Moldova & Romania 

May was a hectic month and went by really fast. Together with 5 colleagues from work, we did 21 miles from  Coniston to Barrow in order to raise money for the charity Hearing Dogs. It was a fun adventure and we finish in 6 hours. The landscape was changing constantly and I was amazed how supportive the locals are.

Then at the end of the month, we flew to Milan. Of course, we wake up at 6 am to make sure we can take some photograph with Duomo Di Milano. We spend only one day there but we promised to come back. Next, we headed to Moldova, my partner`s home so we can be there with his family. And in a few days back to Romania to meet mine.

I feel the time at home always passes incredibly fast. We attended a wedding and meet other dear friends as well. 

JUNE – Liverpool, Helvellyn(LD), Edinburgh

Back from holidays, we landed in Liverpool. We only had 4 hours to spend but lucky enough the Walker Art Gallery and World Museum were close to the train station. 

After an attempt in April and a rain warning, now in June we finally make it to Helvellyn. Sometimes I just can`t find words enough to describe how incredible hiking is. If you are in the Lake District, don`t miss Helvellyn, Striding Edge & Swirral Edge.

Next thing I know, it was the middle of the month and we went to Edinburgh for a 2-day city break. I can`t believe I haven`t written about this Scottish city that stole my heart. We took a free walking guide (of course), visited Edinburgh Castle and spend hours at National Museum of Scotland which is insane. The galleries are so diverse and you feel all the knowledge in the world is in one place. As you probably guessed, The Art, Design & Fashion galleries are my favourite.

Stay tuned for part II.

How grateful are you for all the lessons in 2017?



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